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Topic: Oh Help!

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    Oh Help!

    My piano player and his trusted sidekick Joe (the trumpet player) has landed in a German Cabaret by mistake. Their little piece started out with the title “Dance Rus” but after all is said and done, what once sounded Russian now sounds more like the backroom in some cabaret circa 1920.

    What ever should Bob (Mr. Piano) and Joe ever call their little ditty?

    Click the picture above to listen to the MP3

    In all seriousness, I had to write a piece for our upcoming recital on December 15. I had the hardest time getting anything going. Writer’s block has had a hold on me for the better part of the year – just can’t seem to shake that monkey loose.

    Thank you in advance for listening! Any comments, criticism etc are welcome.

    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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    Re: Oh Help!

    William--I love this!

    WOnderful piano arrangement, so characteristic of what you went for. Trumpet line is great fun too.---It all makes me want to put on my copy of "Cabaret"-the film.

    Technical feedback - Reverb is lacking. You would do well to put in a small jazz club setting.

    And the Trumpet needs some vibrato on it. The held notes are unrealistically unwavering and flat sounding.

    Writer's block writer's schmock - Listen to what you've done here and get inspired to get busy doing more!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Oh Help!

    Hi Randy!
    Thank you for your input! I have altered the reverb - I may have overdone it a bit.
    I've tried to alter the vibrato on the trumpet, but I really don't know what I am doing there. This mp3 was created using Finale 2008. I added reverb in Wavelab.

    Thank you for listening!

    I really need to give this puppy a name - so far I'm just stumped.
    Berlin Cabaret ? (I do so hate naming my music!)

    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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    Re: Oh Help!

    Hello again, William

    The process of making music with notation programs remains a bit of a mystery to me since I've never worked with them.

    So I'm not sure how you access these controls in Finale, but Vibrato is controlled by:

    After Touch (sometimes called Channel Pressure) -the amount, on a scale of 0 to 127, effects how much vibrato is added to a note.

    MIDI Controller #17 controls the speed of the Vibrato as triggered by AT.

    The manual lists these controls as available in the Notation version of instruments - but how you apply such controllers in your program is something I don't know.

    Title --hmm, "Berlin Cabaret" sounds too prosaic to me. Maybe look up German phrases, like maybe something that could be a snippet of conversation from late night in a Cabaret - "That girl is making eyes at me" - or "No thank you no more Weinershnitzel"--lol-something like that! Maybe we should ask Gunther what he thinks.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Oh Help!

    Definitely a successful capture of that cabaret sound
    and feel, William -- nicely done.

    The rendering I thought was quite good, too... though
    maybe a touch more warmth in the room.

    It *is* possible to get control of vibrato in Finale; and
    I think there's a tutorial on that somewhere around
    here... but as usual, I can't seem to locate it. Perhaps
    someone else recalls where that is.

    All my best,


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