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Topic: Importing Old Akai's

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    Importing Old Akai's

    Hi there!

    I switched over form Cubase to Logic with Kontakt.

    now...I have a lot of old Akai roms to import.

    Which sampler do I use..ESX or Kontakt?

    I am not sure about kirk hunter original Virtuoso Strings, Symphony of Voices.

    Or does it mater?

    its all a bit confusing...kontakt seems a bit daunting! Im coming from a hardware sample emu e6400... esx ... seems very easy and streamlined.


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    Re: Importing Old Akai's

    I converted and is playing my old Distorted Reality Akai-rom through EXS. It was/is very easy.

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    Re: Importing Old Akai's

    The EXS's Akai Conversion works very well, and as waltew suggested, it's quite easy.

    I have done both KH's original Virtuoso Strings, as well as SOV, and both work great in the EXS.

    And for simpler libraries like these, the EXS makes more sense, as it is extremely CPU friendly within Logic... much more so than Kontakt.

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    Re: Importing Old Akai's

    I dont own exs, but I´m sure it will convert well, since akai is a well known, commonly used format. However, I do use Kontakt (2) and I think I´ve never had any problems importing akai cdroms, for the same reason. The reason I choose to invest in Kontakt is because it seemed more powerful, with scripting etc.


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    Re: Importing Old Akai's


    This is my confusion!!

    Esx is very simple..... yet... i still have not figured out , what i would need scripting for???

    Can someone explain what scripting can do... and why one would use it???


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    Re: Importing Old Akai's

    I think I´ve seen you on another forum (it´s virtual) and I suggest you ask about the scripting universe in their kontakt forum. Experts like Kotori, Big-Bob, Thonex and more can invite you to the mysteries of Kontakt-scripts.

    For me, Nils Libergs equal power crossfade script is really an awsome reason to use kontakt scripts.


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    Re: Importing Old Akai's

    hi there....

    yea i have been asking lots of questions...

    I've read stuff about scripts and I start to go fuzzy... Like a dear in the headlights as bmw approaches.

    I will take your advise and download the one you like..... and give it a try.... hey who knows Ill probably.. writing some in the near future.....

    thank you!

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    Those great Kontakt scripts

    There are quite a few nice scripts to try out. All scripts by Nils Liberg are interesting, and so is SIPS, by Big Bob.



    Good luck!


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