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Topic: kp2 multi-out problem in flstudio

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    Unhappy kp2 multi-out problem in flstudio

    Hi there, i got this kontaktplayer2 (using gpo and stradi). I did mail about this to you but i write it here also.

    I got this multi-outputs issue in flstudio7.4 (tried earlier version(7.0) with any result), i cant accept multi outs in flstudio, tried similar vst plugins and they work properly. any clue??

    ps.i've sent a mail to nativeinstruments also

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    Re: kp2 multi-out problem in flstudio

    i didnt know that the problem was so near =)

    disable "use fixed size buffers" and the cpu limit protection in kontaktplayer fixes the thing with kontakt player

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