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Topic: Fingerstyle Guitar

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    Fingerstyle Guitar

    Can anyone point me towards some resources for sequencing decent fingerstyle/classical guitar? Thanks.

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    Re: Fingerstyle Guitar

    Not sure about sequencing, however, anything that A. Segovia did would be a good place to start. Also reference Chet Atkins. Good luck,

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    Re: Fingerstyle Guitar

    actually for computer resources, I would recommend looking at Band in a box by PGMusic and Rhythm 'n Chords by Musiclab... These will generate very realistic guitar parts without a lot of work... Generating a guitar part is not like playing a piano part... There are a lot of aspects which are stylistic, and unless you play the guitar, it's hard to recreate that just playing it manually... The above programs generate midi tracks of accompaniments that sound very stylistically like what a guitarist would play... Using these programs, you can spend more time writing music and less time trying to mimic an instrument, which is not the same thing...

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    Re: Fingerstyle Guitar

    I know that BiaB can produce decent strumming, but what I want to do is program a solo guitar performance in fingerstyle. I'm looking for tips about programming, how to do things like hammers and pulls effectively, etc.

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    Re: Fingerstyle Guitar

    I've just listened to Tony Bresnahan's excellent submission for the 2007 Christmas CD. If that's a sampled guitar in that track, maybe he can chime in?

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    Re: Fingerstyle Guitar

    Even though I'm fairly certain the sounds are "picked," I still have to second whoever recommended MusicLab's RealGuitar. It's responsible for some of the best fingerstyle-type guitar parts I've ever heard.
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