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Topic: Sonic Implants Strings Question

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    Sonic Implants Strings Question

    I am hoping someone can tell me if the following is possible and if so, how to do it.
    I have the Sonic Implants string collection and they seem to be setup so that different samples are triggered via certain velocity ranges. So with my basic understanding, depending on how hard I hit the key, a certain sample(s) will play. It appears the timbre and volume change as well (obviously samples of different volumes).
    What I want to know, is there a way to edit the instrument or configure gigastudio (3.0 orch) so that instead of using the key velocity, I can use the Mod wheel to trigger these different samples? I want it to be continuous, so that when I play a note I can move the mod wheel up/down and get that change of volume and timbre.
    I've used samples before, but just as is out of the box. The whole instrument editing thing is new to me. I did try to figure it out, but just ended up getting frustrated.
    Thanks for any help.

    PS: Any good books, videos, etc. on sample instrument editing?

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strings Question


    You should not need to create your own patches.. the strings already come with modwheel controlled patches that use either Xfade (crossfade) or DEF (dynamic expression filter). Look for the patches with DEF or Xfade in the name and that should do the trick. DEF uses less RAM and CPU than Xfade because it simulates the timbral changes through waveform manipulation as opposed to actually mixing in the different layer which is what Xfade does, and DEF gives generally impressive results.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strings Question

    I agree that XFades are way too much CPU intensive compared to DEF samples.

    I can make the difference between loading all your samples on one machine instead of two!

    Nicolas Roy

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