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Topic: Using sustain in GPO 2nd Edition

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    Question Using sustain in GPO 2nd Edition

    I have just purchased a copy of GPO 2nd Edition. Am I right in thinking tha the only way for me to get sustain on any of the instruments is to have a MIDI keyboard with a sustain pedal socket?
    Unfortunately I dont have and after spending £80 for GPO its beyond my budget at the moment.
    Is there a way around this problem? Am I missing something simple in GPO itself for using sustain?
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Using sustain in GPO 2nd Edition

    Hi, Mark "dabbo27"

    This would probably be better on one of the technical Forum pages - If an administrator moves it, don't worry.

    You don't mention what software you're using for playing GPO - A notation program like Finale, or a DAW like Sonar? GPO is a MIDI sound library, so having a "host" program in which to use it is essential.

    I'm a DAW user, and even though I play my music using a keyboard which has a sustain pedal, I usually hand insert the sustain on/off events because the timing is critical and I can be more precise not using the pedal.

    Using the Piano Roll View of Sonar (MIDI controller editor) - I select MIDI controller 64, and with the pencil tool, insert the events where needed.

    Whatever kind of software you have will have some version of what I've described.

    Randy B.

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