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Topic: Studio Monitor Suggestions

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    Studio Monitor Suggestions

    Hi All,
    I am debating whether or not to change my studio monitors. Currently I have a pair of Alesis Monitor One speakers powered by a Samson Servo 150 amp.
    There is a vast difference in sound when monitoring through the speakers vs my headphones. My studio is basically the dining area off of the living room so there isn't any kind of acoustic treatment. I am wondering if the sound is the speakers or just the room I am in.

    Should I change speakers or is it just the room? If speakers, what is recommended? I basically monitor from 3ft away.


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    Re: Studio Monitor Suggestions

    Hi Mike,

    My experience has been that no matter what monitors you use, the difference between them and the sound of headphones is huge.


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    Re: Studio Monitor Suggestions

    Agreed; you can't compare headphone sound to speaker sound. I don't know what your dining room sounds like, so I can't address that. But FWIW, I highly recommend Dynaudio BM5a's or BM6a's if you need something larger/more powerful.

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