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Topic: Another Guitar Sample Choice

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    Another Guitar Sample Choice

    Was surfing last night and came across Pettinhouse Direct Guitar 2.0 just released. The videos are absolutely astounding of live playing. Learned a few tips about how to get more out of my live playing. There is an idea for Pattino (I think that is his name) - he has definitely got the mojo - offer an on-line course on playing guitar samples for high impact.

    The guitar sounds very sweet for $119 with an added X-mas bonus of a lite Bass sample.

    Also saw at Sonivox the Telecaster Sample as well for $29.95 - 300 meg - 7 layers. Another pretty cool sounding option. Chords available for another $29.95

    Hope Santa is good to me - I've been trying :-)

    I am not in any way affiliated with pettinhouse or sonivox, just observed all the attention the other $35 guitar sample thread got and wanted to share another option.

    And in the use of "old samples I still love" category, is the Collings Guitar from Hans Zimmer II. I would love to see a more extensive sample set for that guitar. The quality is astounding in my humble opinion. Scary what adding mutes, release samples, round robins, etc. would do in my mind. Spectrum?

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    Re: Another Guitar Sample Choice

    Thank's for the info. Pettinhouse looks pretty sweet. Hadn't heard of them before. It seems that amongst all the big names some of the smaller companies fall through the cracks. And there are some very nice free samples in the download section. A generous guy! Definitely worth checking out.

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