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Topic: OT: My New Website

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    OT: My New Website

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been steadily working on getting my website up and running, which I have finally done. It's nothing fancy, just VERY basic but, it serves it's purpose. Feel free to check it out, browse, and sign my guest book. This is the link I will be using to post future music. It has an embedded link to click on to play my music using your choice of players.

    The site is not complete, but some is done. I still have alot of my music to upload and set up on the site but, there are a few of the previous scores I have posted here, on the site.

    I am new to the whole "Personal Website" thing so, any helpful comments or suggestions that could improve on the site, navigation, etc. would be appreciated.

    Thanks all,


    Jaker "Shaver"
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    Re: OT: My New Website

    Nice website John.

    I have had a look and sent you an email with some minor corrections.

    Very well structured.

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    Re: OT: My New Website

    Elegant, simple, and to the point... looks great!
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    Re: OT: My New Website

    Beautiful job on this, Jaker!

    Very professional look and feel to it.

    I wish I could do half so well... lol!



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    Thumbs up Re: OT: My New Website

    Hi John,

    Cool site it looks great. Symphony No. 1 Movement 1- The Western Frontier is fantastic, i love it. I also love the percussion in it, it rocks!

    I tried to sign the guestbook from safari browser on a mac, and it gave an error message with a button to report it, so i clicked the report button and it said it is reported.


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