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Topic: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

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    Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    Hi there,

    I am having a problem with Logic Pro recognizing Ambiance plug-in. When I open Logic Pro, the first thing that comes up says:
    "Core Audio: Plug-In Ambiance not available.
    Once I click ok, everything loads, including GPO, but no Ambiance.
    What do I need to do in order to have Ambiance working?
    I followed the installation instructions (Copying the Ambiance component into the folder it suppose to be in).
    I got Logic 7.2.3 Also have Kontakt 2 and the latest KP (2.2.3)

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    Re: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    In Logic, try running the AU Manager, and force Ambience to run by checking the appropriate checkbox. That's all I can think of. Let me know how you make out...

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    Re: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    Also, what version of the OS are you using? If Leopard, maybe it's incompatable? Just thinking out loud....

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    Re: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    Well, it does not even show up in the AU manager. I have tried that already. I am running Leopard 10.5.1. Not sure if that is the reason. Is there any place I can double check if I have all the Ambiance components I need?
    The only thing I found was that "Ambiance.component" which I dropped into the Plug-in folder, as instructed by the "read me first" file. (I did copy the folder to my hardrive).

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    Re: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    I'm out of ideas. My first inclination is that it's not Leopard compatable. Anyone?

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    Re: Ambiance not available in Logic Pro?

    Two thoughts...

    1) Is the spelling important, I thought it was Ambience? While we humans don't care, the computer will. But if you're just dragging an existing file into a folder then presumably its already spelt right....

    2) Is your mac an intel machine or PPC? I thought Ambience was only an old PPC plugin, but I could be wrong. PPC plugins will work fine on an intel machine, but only in a host which was written for PPC, eg Logic 7.0, which runs under Rosetta on an intel mac. PPC plugins will not work (and might not even be seen in the AU list?) in a host which was written either purely for intel or as a universal binary when running on intel hardware, eg Logic 7.2.3 installed on an intel machine.

    EDIT: i see there is a recent UB version of Ambience on Magnus' website http://magnus.smartelectronix.com/#Ambience but this is not the Garritan version, its the shareware one which will nag about making a donation on start up....

    Personally I intend to use either the convolution reverb in the Kontakt Player 2 or the full Space Designer convolution reverb that comes with Logic Pro 8.


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