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Topic: Little Mermaid at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre NYC

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    Little Mermaid at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre NYC

    Hi Gang,

    I was among the fortunate to be invited to a preview of Disney Theatrical's stage version of "The Little Mermaid" at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre here in Manhattan.

    From what I understand, they've been working feverishly on the show for the past several months in Denver. Apparently, there had been a great many obsticals and challanges for the producers to overcome.

    Well, I have to report that if there were any bugs in the developing production, they have certainly all been worked out. It is both a thrilling and fun stage production and apparently (according to my wife who has seen the original film) they've successfully added a few new musical numbers.

    The orchestra sounded wonderful.

    Just a little report from your man on the street.

    Happy Holidays to you all!!!

    Erik Paulsen

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    Re: Little Mermaid at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre NYC

    Bet that was fun to see and great theater as well as great orchestra. Are they going to be touring around the country or only performing it in NYC?

    and Happy Holidays to you too, Eric!

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    Re: Little Mermaid at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre NYC

    Hi Erik

    That must have been quite a production. It is amazing how many things go into a show that must be timed with exacting precision - music, choreography, props, lighting, multimedia, etc. etc.

    Thanks for the report, and

    Happy holidays to you and yours!


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