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Topic: KP2 Error

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    KP2 Error

    Hi there!

    I just switched to KP2 and I've been experiencing a rather nasty problem with it. For this project that I'm working on I need to load Key Switch strings (VLNS1 KS, VLNS2 KS etc.) , but once I get to the second or third instrument (depending on the order I try to load them in), the player gives me the following error message: ERROR: coul not load sample (no big enough memory block available) then there's the name of the sample and it asks "Continue loading?" Clicking yes gives the same error message again but for a different sample and clicking no exits the loading for that instrument.

    Everything works great with KP1, and the first time I loaded a similar combination of instruments in KP2 I didn't get any error messages. I also tried this with many other instruments (Violins, bass drum, flutes, pianos...); everything loads perfectly. It's just that some combinations don't seem to work together(?)

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Lauri Hakanen/Finland

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    Re: KP2 Error

    Sounds like you don't have enough RAM. KP2 in itself uses more RAM than did KP1. That's one reason, why it worked with KP1 and not with KP2. Another reason may very well be, that, on top of the above mentioned problem, you have other processes/programs eating up available RAM, thus leaving too little left for KP2 (KeySwitch patches are more RAM hungry than non-KS patches). I am afraid you will have to install more RAM.

    You could try to adjust (=lower) the DFD settings (Options; Stay away from the Expert settings, unless you know what you are doing) to get some more mileage out of your RAM, though, but I doubt it will help you much, since most of GPO loads entirely into RAM.

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    Re: KP2 Error

    So my two GBs aren't enough (?). This is peculiar because I was able to load these instruments together (VLNS1 + VLNS2) when I launched KP2 for the first time.


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    Re: KP2 Error

    Hi, Lauri

    I sympathize with you, and can relate to your problem. And I do believe Nickie has given you the accurate answer.

    I only have 1 gig Ram, and routinely get the same error message - I just push "Yes please, keep loading please" and the instrument will finish loading - Well, until there really isn't any room left. But those messages come up way before the Ram is actually full.

    You said if you push yes, the same message comes up for another instrument - Right, for the next one. I suggest you just keep pushing YES!--because up to your Ram limit, the samples really will keep loading.

    I am so accustomed to bouncing tracks to audio as I go, that it's second nature and no hassle for me. And of course I have to do that, because it's completely impossible to load all the instruments I want for a project and have them all play in real time.

    Randy B.

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    Re: KP2 Error

    Quote Originally Posted by hakanenlauri
    So my two GBs aren't enough (?). This is peculiar because I was able to load these instruments together (VLNS1 + VLNS2) when I launched KP2 for the first time.

    Windows eats the better part of the 1st GB, so all your running applications have to share the remainder. Until a few weeks ago I too had only 2 GB and I wasn't able to use more than 800-900 MB for K2 at best.

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