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Topic: What size keyboard controller?

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    What size keyboard controller?

    What would be a decent size keyboard to buy?

    I have space limitations so I would like to stay as small as is reasonable while still having enough keys to do orchestral work without being too limited.

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    i have a 64 key roland xp-30. works great and not to space consuming

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    I have worked with a 66 keys controller for a time but the fact that more and more libraries need keyswitches in the extreme ranges makes me consider an 88 keys controller now.
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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    If you are going to play in piano parts, I wouldn't go less than 61 keys. For general note entry you could get by as small as 37 keys.

    As regards keyswitching, I have a 49 key controller for note entry, but I also have an old Oxygen 8 that I have dedicated to the range for keyswitch. Perhaps not as smooth as a dedicated 88 key controller, but it works for me.
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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    It really is amazing how much output you can squeeze out of smaller keyboards. Everything I've done in the last 2 years has been done with a 49 keyboard controller (the old stalwart MK-4902)--Octave shifting happens either on the keyboard itself or in the Sonar software I use. Any other shortcomings it has are also made up in my host program.

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    Well, mostly, it depends on your own preferences and work style. I would have great trouble with anything less than 88 keys, but that is because I am a pianist. I remember on occasion when I had not learned about the European custom of some pianos having short keyboards, and ran a rapid fire arpeggio which should have ended on the top C, but found some great hardwood! I write mostly piano music, but when I write organ music, I would not be disturbed by a 61 not keyboard.


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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    Hello again, P. T.

    Richard "rwayland" gave you good advice, as did the rest of the folks on this thread.

    I was just moved to come back to say that I'm a pianist also, and even though it was financial restraints which made me settle on a 49 note keyboard, it really wasn't that huge of a sacrifice for me to adapt to it. It is not ideal, I don't mean to imply that, but I'm here to say that if you're determined to make music, it doesn't matter what the confines of your keyboard are.

    Randy B.

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    Thanks for the information.

    I forgot that some people here write in notation.
    I don't do that. I play things in live as best as I can and then edit it.

    I'm not a piano player. I use it to enter midi for my own compositions and generally do my best on piano. I have never tried playing repertoire and probably won't as my hands aren't what they used to be. I don't even play guitar, my main instrument, much anymore.

    I make many different styles of music but was concerned that orchestral work would use key switching, which I have never used before, and require mapping of a bigger range of instruments.

    I suppose that , worse comes to worse, if I was going to play two parts at once I could play in the wrong octave and then transpose it.

    I was hoping that 61 would be enough. Or is it 64?

    I am looking at an Axiom.

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    I like the Novation reMote series. The keyboard could be better but the gazillion of controllers with actual descriptions displayed underneath (not just some silly LED display saying useless things like P:8V:105 ), I'm in love with those.

    (EDIT): yes, it's the one the future greatest composer is touching on the avatar pic

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    Re: What size keyboard controller?

    I have an Axiom 61 that I like alot, and it has all the features you need to use the Garritan libraries (mod-wheel, pitchbend, plenty of sliders/knobs for midi CC's, channel aftertouch, a sustain pedal and an expression pedal jack). You can assign any of the midi CC's or other controls to any of the sliders, knobs, modwheel and other controls. It is a nice keyboard IMO.


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