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Topic: ernst jandls christmas song

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    ernst jandls christmas song

    here is a song arranged with the new Xsample
    Kontakt2 Library. The poem is from Ernst Jandl, the music is from me
    and the song is original for piano and voice.
    The arrangement is played back by Human Playback from Finale 2008.
    The soprano voice is real.
    It makes no sense to translate the whole german text,
    but I try to translate a part:

    froe weihnacht
    froe weihnacht
    und ich bin nur ein hund

    merry christmas
    merry christmas
    and I'm only a dog

    the link:


    It is demo number one.

    Hans Josef

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    Smile Re: ernst jandls christmas song

    Thanks for all the input,
    the dog

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    Re: ernst jandls christmas song

    Hans Josef,
    That's a very pretty song!
    I'm not really qualified to comment on the samples, but I like the voice. Who is the singer?


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    Re: ernst jandls christmas song

    I love the way the instruments blend with the voice. i really shows the quality both of the composition and the sample library.

    ... Is the adaptation of the XSample library for Sibelius ready any time soon, pleasepleaseplease?


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    Re: ernst jandls christmas song

    @tim and vincent: many thanks for your comments!
    @vincent: the sibelius sound set for the xsample instruments is coming soon.
    @tim: the singer is my wife and she is happy to hear, that you like her voice!
    If you want to have a more detailed impression from the instruments try the other demos: There are a lot of short pieces with the solo strings, woodwinds and keyboards of the Xsample library. Some are played directly through Finale without any tweaking, some are played "live" to show the great variability of the library.

    Hans Josef

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