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Topic: orchestral samples for GS3

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    orchestral samples for GS3


    I've been using GS3 Orchestra for a year or so now to write Classical scores for shorts and features, and I'm looking to expand my sample libraries, particularly looking for some decent solo strings.

    Dan Dean Solo strings looks (and sounds) pretty damn good but then I saw Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra for $199.99 on the EastWest site.

    Does Advanced Orchestra work with GS3 and, seeing as it's from 1997, does it stand up against more recent sample libraries like Dan Dean or Xsample?

    Any advice would be seriously appreciated.



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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    Dude, no offence, but those titles are getting a bit outdated...if i were you id rahter consider the vienna symphonic library horizon solo strings.
    Or sonivox , and Project sam stuff as well. All still available in giga format i believe. Well, not vsl, but im sure there are a few copies left here and there.

    And imo, no they do not hold up against more current titles, especially not in regards to ease of use and workflow.
    I would NOT say they are redundant or bad, they were and ARE good libraries, its just that there are newer and more user friendly things out there now, when you go out and buy something from 1997, dont expect that it will have held up against 10 years of sample library evolution...

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    I hear there are still some pro edition available at illio... Also perhaps it's time to switch platform and go for K2? There are so many benefits IMO.. Just a thought!

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    Sonivox libraries are absolute top notch and you could say designed specifically to take advantage of Giga 3 features.

    ProjectSAM libraries are also available in Giga.

    Westgate studios is making new Giga libraries.

    I wouldn't move off Giga at this point.. they are about to release GS4 which is 64-bit and have been getting third parties to license GVI based virtual instruments at the same time as Kontakt is losing heavyweights like EWQL which is moving off Kontakt to their own PLAY angine, so things are looking brighter for Giga now then they were a year ago.

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    well, for solo strings, you cant realy beat the vsl library i think.
    And the peter siedlackzeck library is ok, but do keep in mind that the library will be much slower to work with and also is not perfect sonicly speaking...
    And time is more valuable then a low price in the long run, i think.

    A strong candidate for a K2 library is the Kirk hunter stuff.
    Some of the solo strings there are incredible, and can hold up against vsl very well.
    I would also recomend kontakt over giga, and in all fairness, nobody REALY thinks giga is going to be very dominant in the near future do they?

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    Hello PZY-Clone,
    do you know the Xsample Solo-Strings for Kontakt?


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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    You should also check out Garritan's violin and chello.. they're amazingly expressive and come in their own K2 player.

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    Thanks guys for your ideas. I've been using the cut-down VSL strings that came shipped with GS3 Orchestra and, believe me, if I discovered a roll of £50s under my bed, I get the VSL Cube in a flash. The immediacy and space of the recordings is awesome.

    However, until then, I'll check out the Sonivox and ProjectSAM libraries and go for more of a gradual build-up of libraries.

    And, as for K2/Giga arguments, I guess I'm in the same sitch as most small studio musicians: it takes so long (and so many £s) to build everything up and learn your system, the idea of switching your core programs sends the odd cold shiver going...

    Cheers for all the advice anyway!

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    well, i think perhaps these people have the Horizon products left:
    and thesee good folks as well:

    ...incidentaly, i DID actualy just discover a roll of £50s under my bed, but i decided to spend it all on , drugs and rock`n roll instead of getting vsl. ...i know its not a perticulaty wise investment, but it sure beats setting up crossfades and programming keyswithces, hehe.

    Mr. xsample:
    yes i have tried the library in the past, i actualy own some of it in an old akai format i think. So its the same right?

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    Re: orchestral samples for GS3

    Hello pzy-clone:
    no, it is not the same. It is a new library for Kontakt2. One of the new features is the adaptation for Finale 2007 and 2008. This means you write arco, pizz., col legno or what ever in your score and Finale switches to the right sound. The solo strings has a lot of more articulations, included natural vibrato, senza vibrato, sul pont., tremolo, pizz., bartok pizz., sul pont. tremolo, con sord., spicc., marc., harmonics, col legno and more. All instruments have xfades for dynamic and colour. And the articulations are included in one easy to play instrument-file. All these new feature's can be heard and seen at http://www.xsample.de
    An info PDF is available at the order page.
    As a user of our first library you can get a special crossgrade.

    Hans Josef

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