I thought I would share what I consider a milestone in synthesis.

I have been using Scope DSP cards w/ Gigastudio for live work for years. It is rock solid and recently have added Forte/ Bidule and Cubase 4.1 as a host. Live I use Bidule and currently am using Forte on another Scope / Giga DAW until I am comfortable w/ it.

But I have used the Scope DSP cards for their quality of sound, as well as a stable recording and performance platform. The synths are examples in quality emulations, and certain 3rd party developers have created synths that go far beyond basic 1:1 emulations. Solaris being one of them.

I have always kept my Oberheims for their sheer powerful sound, and after 23 years of use, they still function perfectly. But I eventually phased them out keeping only 1 analog Mono synth. Mostly beacause all virtual synths lacked the separate Oscillator glides that were found in the Moogs, and Oberheims. What this boils down to is that when I wanted a FAT lead synth, I still had to use analog, because virtual developers seemed to think that pads, and poly were more important, or just simply overlooked that feature.

Solaris 5.0 will be released soon and it is an upgrade for the soft synth's ability to do many, many new tricks, but the Osc. glide will be implemented. That means those '80's brass stabs, and big leads will be extremely FAT, and should allow Solaris to be my main synth onstage and in the studio. My SE-1X can now have a proper burial in my project studio, it was a fierce warrior for many years. I would die to have a Studio Electronics Code 2, or Omega 8 along with Solaris when it's released, but really need a stable Vista DAW for my sampled content first.

I don't personally know the gentlemen below, but hear so many inspiring tricks, and stories of his sucessful use of Scope DSP cards and Gigastudio for movie scores, and compositions. I built my DAW's around what he used at the time which was 3 x 15DSP Scope cards, and their GSIF drivers. I have never regretted that expensive endeavor. And the next movie score you hear will probably have a little Solaris in it.

Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer is one of the most successful and influential film composers in Hollywood.

"If anyone out there can take what we love about the elusive quality of analogue synthesizers and add the inventiveness and versatility that we get from digital, it'll be John. There is no question in my mind he understands that fundamentally the sound has to be true and uncompromised for a bunch of circuits to turn into a musical instrument. There are many synths out there that are fun and even inspiring. But it takes a certain magic and voodoo, a certain set of ears and sonic heart to build something lasting, something timeless."

They will be around 3000 USD give or take a couple, but thought in case someone was in the market for a hardware synth, You won't be sorry. I have used Solaris for years and still have much to learn. Upgrades are constant, and if you like customer service,.....John Bowen is ALWAYS available, and constantly upgrades his products, even after they have been out for years.

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