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Topic: Drum sample volume

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    Drum sample volume

    I need some serious help! I am trying to use JABB in Finale - I have loaded my drums and am having volume issues. The drums barely sound. I can open up the K2 player and adjust the volume which gives me a great sound but when I exit and play my finale file everything is barely audible. I have applied FFF to the measure hoping that might do something but am getting no where.

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere - I am on limited time and all out of ideas.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Re: Drum sample volume

    Hi William,

    I am not a Finale user, but the drums should permanently respond to midi velocity, which is different from the volume control in the KP2 mixer. Enable human playback, adjust the notes' velocities (through the control edit window or something like that), add your dynamic markings, and you might get a result.

    At worst, I've bumped the thread up so that people more knowledgeable at Finale than me may see it.

    Good luck with your deadline,


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