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Topic: Cubasis VST 4 Installation

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    Cubasis VST 4 Installation

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to install the whole bundle of GPO. I've got an older publication of it, I suppose. It has Cubasis VST 4 OEM. This component does not finish installing. It complains that I am short 6k on a (factually non-existent) T drive.

    I am running XP SP1 with 1GB RAM and plenty of HD space. What gives? What is the work-around for this little piece of madness?

    (I'm trying to get this whole suite installed so that I can register it all at once.)

    Thanks to any who might know something about this.


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    Re: Cubasis VST 4 Installation

    Hi Erwacht,

    Do you have another sequencer besides the included Cubasis VST? If so, don't worry about installing it. That program has a lot of frustrating limitations, like being limited to loading 4 VST's, so even if you don't have another sequencer, don't worry about installing it. Check out Reaper (free-ish) or some other alternatives. The Cubasis VST program will not affect your registration of anything else.

    There is a new version of GPO out which is free to registered users. It features an improved playback engine called Kontakt Player 2 and lots of performance tweaks. You should upgrade to this as soon as you register.
    I am anticipating that you will run into registration problems using the included GPO registration tool. What you will want to do is download the NI Service Center application (Win or Mac) and register GPO using it. (Use an admin level account to run service center. If on Vista, select "Run as Administrator.") You will probably have to create an e-mail account, which the program will walk you through.

    Once GPOv1 has been successfully registered, you can request a serial number for an upgrade to the KP2 player. NI treats it as a different product. The request option may be available in the Service Center app; I'm not sure. If it isn't you can login to the NI site using the same email/password combination and request it their through your product manager page. You will receive the number by email. You'll also be able to download the update, which once installed can be authorized using the Service Center and new serial. The information in the documentation folder will contain a new Kontakt Player 2-oriented manual.

    By a glitch on Native Instrument's part, it overwrites some of the original GPO content, so the original GPO may not function properly, but GPO version 2, which is better anyhow, will run fine. There are workarounds, but I am hazy on the methods right now.


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    Re: Cubasis VST 4 Installation

    Hello! Thanks!

    However, the service center links are broken... I'll get there though. And thank you for the VST advice. I'll look into alternatives, then.


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