Dear All,
I’m writing with a problem about synchronization. I have one MOTU 2408 Mark 3 and an original 2408. The original 2408 has ADAT going into and out of bank B that sends audio from my giga computer to my DAW and sync information from the DAW to the Giga computer. The Giga computer has a Frontier Design WaveCenter PCI card with two MIDI IN and OUT ports and ADAT and SPDIF for audio and sync transmission. The WaveCenter PCI is set to slave via ADAT and the MOTU rig is set to PCI Internal.
Much of the time, I have no issues with this. However, sometimes, I get very minor but persistent crackles. They are not the kind that you hear when your clock sources are set wrong. They are just not dead on. I do own a Digital Timepiece which I haven’t used in years but which I could integrate into the rig. I’m thinking I might do it this way:
1. WC OUT of the DTP into the MOTU 2408 Mark 3.
2. WC OUT of the 2408 Mark 3 into the original 2408
3. WC Out of the original 2408 back to the DTP WC IN.
a. Since the WaveCenter PCI doesn’t have WC and since there’s only one set of WC IN and OUT connections on the DTP, I’m thinking of running SPDIF IN to the Giga from the DTP. I have an ADAT cable running OUT of the Giga that goes back to Bank B of the original 2408.

Have I got this right? Does anyone have any opinions? I’d like to work with the gear I have rather than buy more stuff like an Apogee Big Ben. I’d appreciate any advice.