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Topic: Hello

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    Thanks for this wonderful world of music!
    I am totally new, know nothing about music but love it, of course.
    I have the GPO3 and was wondering what the best way of recording stuff from it is.
    I'm a mac man. I have Garage Band 2 but I find that it is hard to import GPO instruments from GPO. (Yes, I have read the tutorials...)

    Love the lessons too!

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome David! This forum does provide a wonderful opportunity to learn and connect.

    Like you, I'm pretty new to this (not to music itself, but to the electronic side of things). Also a mac person and a GarageBand user; just about ready to venture into Logic. I don't have GPO yet, so can't help you there, but do want to get it in the next few months.

    You'll find there are many helpful and knowledgeable people here, including some truly gifted composers, and lots of good humor. If you don't get any suggestions from this post, maybe you could post in the GPO section, or email Rick Schneblin directly.

    Best of luck to you on this new venture!


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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to the forum. I am a mac man as well and used garageband before venturing into Logic.

    As far as loading gpo into GB, you have to make a new instrument, go to the instrument details, and load up Kontakt Player in the list of Audio Units. From ther you can manually open up the kontakt player and use the kontakt player interface to load your instruments.

    If you can't find kontakt player you may need to reinstall GPO, making sure you check Audio Unit formant form.

    Garageband is great for a start! But I highly reccoment getting Logic Express or Logic Studio, they are all worth the prices/

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