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Topic: OT_what audio editor can do this?

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    OT_what audio editor can do this?

    I'm looking for an audio editor that can do this: Take a lengthy file of recorded notes or hits and automatically divide them into regions, then reorder these regions from lowest to highest peak volume, then give me some flexible options for naming and exporting the files.

    SoundForge can do some of the above, but not the automatic reordering based on peaks.

    Anything that doest this?


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    Re: OT_what audio editor can do this?

    I would speculate that Soundforge possibly could do this. Remember, all sony products support scripting in various languages - which basicaly allow one to write code to do a whole host of tasks.

    I'm pretty sure that with the appropriate script soundforge could : automatically 'region' the audio, make a query of each region to establish the peak level and then rename that region with the value of that peak level.

    If you then export those regions and use a file renaming utility (namewiz?) to add a buffer zero at the start of all those files above -10db (so that all the file names have 2 digits before the decimal) - then windows/vegas etc... could order the files by name and hence peak level.

    Tons of scripts /help can be found at the soundforge/vegas forum pages.

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