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Topic: Help! Computer Crash!

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    Help! Computer Crash!

    Hi everyone,

    First post, but I've been lurking since I began using Garritan libraries about a year ago.

    I have (had!) Sibelius 5.1 running with GPO Sibelius Edition, JABB, and Concert & MB (along with Tapspace VDL2.5). Last week my computer completely crashed, and I've had to send it out through Best Buy (I bought a service plan when I bought the laptop). Looks like a problem with the hard drive, and more likely than not, they will have to replace my the whole drive.

    My question is what should I do when I get my computer back? I expect it to be back to complete basics, and I figure I'll need to reinstall everything, but with the installation checks for the libraries, I'm concerned about being able to authorize them again. I do have a Maxtor backup drive that had everything backed up on it, but I don't know how that will work trying to put stuff back on the newly fixed computer, since I've never had to do this before.

    (I think I remember that you can authorize up to 2 computers, but I don't want to use my second one because I hope to get a main desktop workstation up and running soon, and want to be able to run the libraries both on my laptop and desktop.)

    Has anyone had any experience with this? any ideas as to what my course of action should be to get up and running again once I get the computer back? (Won't be for at least 2-5 weeks....)

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated!


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    Re: Help! Computer Crash!

    Hey Jmatthes!

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the computer. But I have good news:

    Reinstall everything from scratch and install all the updates. Do NOT use the GPO/JABB registration tool (the one that requires you to copy/paste an acitvation code and system profile code somewhere). Instead authorize everything using NIs Service Center from the start (available on the NI site) and you should be good to go. NI has very quietly removed their deactivation of old system profiles routine.

    As for Sibelius, contact their support and see if they can manually deactivate your old authorization. I remember I had problems with Sibelius 3 a while ago in a similar situation.

    Again welcome! Hope things get back to normal soon!


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    Re: Help! Computer Crash!


    Thanks so much for your quick reply! It definetly made me feel much better. I knew I had all my important stuff backed up, but my main worry was getting everything re-authorized.

    Thanks again! Since I just picked up the JABB & Concert & MB & VDL late this fall, I still haven't had the chance to make much music with them! Can't wait to get my laptop back and get back to it!


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