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Topic: Any Kontakt 3 users ?

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    Any Kontakt 3 users ?

    Bought kontakt 3 in October. Not been able to do antyhing with it since then. I get CPU overload, cracking, sound-dropping out with only 2 Kontakt 3 instruments loaded. I use Sonar 6 as Host. Kontakt 3 as VSTI.

    Have Pentium Core 2, 2 Gig Ram, 350Gig HD.
    Use Asio4all, with Audigy 2 NX.

    Worked fine with Kontakt 2. Now with kontakt 3 I cannot play anything.

    I have installed all updates and drives.

    Anybody have similar issues ? Can anyone give any advise ?

    This is NOT my PC, soundcard, Host or anything else. All other VSTI works perfect. And as I said. Kontakt 2 did as well. Kontakt 3 just dont.
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    Re: Any Kontakt 3 users ?


    perhaps, yes perhaps there was a reading error from the CD-Rom when you installed K3?

    I had this problem with an EMU proteus. After reinstalling with a newer CD-Rom-Drive all worked fine.

    I have no other idea... . Perhaps this helps.


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