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Topic: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

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    Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    Some of you may have gotten the email, but Eric has posted some demos using his latest version 2.4. Check 'em out.


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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    A SCAM ?!?!?!???!?

    Some people maybe interested in those special fx. Just because you want something doesn't make it a scam.

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    Quote Originally Posted by oldmonkeyboy
    BFD. Give me a 2.4 demo of some legato strings in sections rather than all these special FX. There's nothing here. What a scam.
    I think a bit more civility is in order.

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    What you don't get is that you enter insulting territory with your words, even if you speak the truth.

    Further more, the reply is quite simple to your problem: Just don't buy it! End of story. Forget about synful and find an alternative.

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    For what it's worth, those demos have convinced me to buy synful.

    I do think another string quartet/ chamber string demo with the new playing modes would help Eric's cause though.

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    Synful is a great tool that offers intelligent midi-interpretation that is not found in any other software tool in the world. Eric has a really musical treasure there. These demos show that.
    It's really amazing how the program adjust to the way the midi data is played on a normal midi keyboard and translates that in the sample. That said, it seems Eric is rightfully focusing on articulations that can benefit most from this "special" technique and not on legato playing or lush strings that can easily be achieved, highly realistically, with a regular sample lib. No reason to get upset, right?
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    i am amazed by the new demos.
    Some of the examples sound frightengly real to me.
    It definetly takes a lot of balls to enter avantgarde territory to proove how realistic software can emulate an instrument.
    A software that can pull this kinda stuff off convincingly probably covers all the standard stuff anyway.

    That said it sure wouldnt hurt to have a fullblown demo that shows how everything sounds together but then again why not download the demoversion and try it out in person.
    Im downloading as i write this..........

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    Quote Originally Posted by oldmonkeyboy
    I speak the truth? OK, I speak the truth. Thank you.

    You're right, I am entering insult territory, only I'm the one being insulted by words of "NEW" demos online and in Synful's disrespect that we aren't smart enough to recognize we are being taken for a ride down another 1.5 year cheery lane...

    Forget it? Not until Synful makes good and delivers on their word.
    god, can you be any more childish? oh well, take your tantrum elsewhere.

    Moving on...I found the demos to be amazing. Makes me wonder what else they can do. He is obviously demonstrating his pizz techniques as that's what this update is mainly about. If I remember correctly, he has yet to apply his new engine to the main arco string patch. I'm still hopeful that will yield good results.

    As to his existing legato string patches, with the delay on, they are still some of the most expressive sounding strings i've heard, whether solo or section. You just gotta practice it which can be a pain.

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    I think the sound is very expressive. I've already got lots of legato strings...

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    Re: Synful 2.4 Demos Online

    Those new demos are interesting indeed,
    and I consider buying Synful in the course of next year, when budget permits.

    This being said, and more generally,
    I'm always shocked when I read customers who treat developers and/or small companies like sh..., just because their own expectations are not satisfied.

    It's too easy to forget the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication which is necessary for these individuals, or small teams, to make those samples libraries, or virtual instruments possible,
    and too easy as well to become spoiled children, basic consumers, who come to regard those terrific items -which would have been considered as miracles just 10 years ago...) as if they were just mere products available at the next drugstore, and whose only reward is our harshest criticism if they happen to be not as good as we expected.

    So a great thank you to all those creative and skilled people who made our -once dreamed- toys a reality !

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