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Topic: Question regarding memory usage

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    Question regarding memory usage

    Hi to advanced users out there,

    I currently have GS3 orchestra. I encounter the message "fail to load the performance file", when I try to load a new instrument. It seems to be memory related as the message goes away if I remove some already loaded intruments. I tried to set/use some memory presets ( recommended for machine > 1.5G of RAM ) and it was even worse that it even hang while loading performance files ( saved/created using the default setting ). Typically, the msg32.exe grows to about 550M and starts having issues.

    Is there some tricks or anything I need to do in order to use those recommended settings ? Or does anyone recommend *NOT* using them ?


    The following is my configuration

    AMD 5200XP dual core
    2G of RAM
    500G SATA drive for sample
    MM4 ( www.midimaestro.com ) as the sequencer
    GS Orchestra 3.21
    XP with SP2 installed

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    Re: Question regarding memory usage

    Hi, yes the proposed settings are good to use, it's good to try both to see which one work best on your machine.

    But you must remember that GS3 runs in Kernel mode so because of that, the maximum amount of samples you can load on one machine is limited. Even on a 4GB machine, the maximum amount of sample you will load is around 1024Megs. GS3 runs in the first 2GB of RAM of your system, shared with the OS and drivers.
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Question regarding memory usage

    I think I hit that rooftop of 550M under default setting. I tried to use preset 2-4 or Mathias Tweak, they give me higher possible memory to about 970M.

    I was able to load a lot more instruments using those settings ( be it GS3 preset or Mathias Tweak ). However, they are getting very unstable. For example, when I tried to load some performance files, the msg32.exe hit about 450M and failed to load some other instruments. This is very unpredictable as it failed at different instruments everytime. If I reverted back to default, I can load those files without problem, but can only use up to 550M.

    I searched through the forum and found out that I am not the only one to make such compromise. .

    Anyone has used the GS presets and/or Mathias tweak with a stable performace, please share what you have done. Thanks a lot.


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