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Topic: controller problems--help!

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    controller problems--help!

    Anyone out there knowledgeable about controllers? I use a CME UF8 88 key, and recently a few of the notes have begun to drop out when u hit the keys hard, i.e. at higher velocities. The sound just cuts out. First i thought it was a certain plugin, but soon i realized it was that way for every plugin. I am willing to try to fix it myself, (as sending it away to be fixed for a while is really not my favorite option), but i need some help from someone who knows enough about the inner workings of these beasts that they might have a pretty clear idea of what the source of the problem is. These notes work fine at lower velocities, and when i'm pressing the pedal, but otherwise, like on abt 4 or 5 keys, the sound just dies after a sec at higher velocities. Thanks!

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    Re: controller problems--help!

    i don't really have an answer for you, but to me it sounds like a hardware problem with the keyboard. if thats the case then i have no idea. hopefully someone else in here can give you a solid answer. good luck.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: controller problems--help!

    thanks, keith. yeah that's what i think, too. I also don't think it's anything major cuz it started first with just one key, and just last week it became a problem with at least 4. The CME tech support sent me an e-mail saying they think some dust got in the rubber and i should take it to my local dealer to clean it out. I opened up the keyboard, figured out how each key is put together, and took each one out , cleaned it off (each one had some oily residue on it, prob from initial construction). Finally i put it all back together, and i thought for sure the problem would be solved, but no. At least it's cleaner now.

    I just need someone who knows about the inner workings of the keybed so we can narrow down the possibilities. Meanwhile i think i'll call yamaha, who is now CME"s distributor, maybe someone there will help me. Amazing how a little thing like this can be sooo annoying and detracts so much from my playing!

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