Good day (or evening, depending on your location),

I've upgraded to Sibelius 5.0 on a Windows Vista machine. It was a clean machine (not in Penny Lane, however), and so I'm moving all my apps and data there. This includes JABB and GPO. Now, Sibelius has good support for some sound sets (Rock and Pop, Kontakt Gold, which becomes Sibelius Gold, and so forth). But apparently I'm sort of on my own to get JABB "all there".

My situation is: I haven't installed JABB yet, but I have installed Sibelius 5.0. Can someone provide a detailed (ie, for Dummies/Idiots/Lamebrains) procedure that I can follow to get JABB nicely installed and working with Sibelius? I'd be very grateful.

Chuck Puckett
"I don't want to steal the show... I only want to borrow it for a while."