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Topic: JABB onto Vista for Sibelius: Procedure?

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    JABB onto Vista for Sibelius: Procedure?

    Good day (or evening, depending on your location),

    Wasn't sure where to post this question, but this sub-forum looks like it has the most traffic, so I'm hoping it's a good place for good info.

    I've upgraded to Sibelius 5.0 on a Windows Vista machine. It was a clean machine (not in Penny Lane, however), and so I'm moving all my apps and data there. This includes JABB and GPO. Now, Sibelius has good support for some sound sets (Rock and Pop, Kontakt Gold, which becomes Sibelius Gold, and so forth). But apparently I'm sort of on my own to get JABB "all there".

    My situation is: I haven't installed JABB yet, but I have installed Sibelius 5.0. I have also experienced with issues with "needing a Kontakt player" of some sort, although Sibelius comes with a Kontakt player.

    So, my question is: Can someone provide a detailed (ie, for Dummies/Idiots/Lamebrains) procedure that I can follow to get JABB nicely installed and working with Sibelius? I'd be very grateful.

    Chuck Puckett
    "I don't want to steal the show... I only want to borrow it for a while."

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    Re: JABB onto Vista for Sibelius: Procedure?


    If you have GPO working on the new machine with Sibelius, then JABB should be no problem. I'm on a Mac, but all I did was install JABB, activate another KP2 player in the Devices (Sibelius), and select the JABB soundset. It's really quite simple - unless you are new to the whole Sib 5/KP2 world. If you have been using it, it should be fine. Again, I don't know Vista, but that shouldn't matter, if I understand your question correctly.
    Ron Pearl





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