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Topic: Scoring With Cubase

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    Scoring With Cubase

    Sorry, i know this question has been asked already...i have a little project going on ....my problem is i have no more RAM left ...and importing a video would kill my cpu.....a couple of questions:

    - Do you know a program like Chaingang for Xp 64?

    - If i import a video....which program can let me convert any video file to Photo Jpeg format?

    - Any other ideas?

    I use Cubase 4.1.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    From Cubase help file:

    Playing back a video file

    Video files are displayed as events/clips on the video track, with thumbnails representing the frames in the film (if the option Show Video Thumbnails is activated in the Preferences dialog).

    Does this help?

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    ..i was asking for a method to use less ram or a program to sync a video ...anyway thanks

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    If you work with Libraries, try to render the tracks with the biggest instrument size to audio files and go ahead with these in your project. C4 offers nice features for this. (If you work with Kontakt 2 or 3) You can purge samples in your sampler after that and free up RAM. Good Luck!


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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    - convert your solo instruments to mono
    - use uncompressed avi-files

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    Somewhere in the last cople of months someone posted a link at NS about a program that comes with a cable and allows you to play video in synch with Cubase ( or whichever sequencer) on a second machine - eg: a laptop - and free up resources on your main DAW.

    Sounded great - but I havent been able to find the info since... does anyone know what this was??

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    Alfr3dd, get Quicktime and encode your video with the older Cinepak format, if it is still available. Image quality is pretty low but it's a feather on the CPU.

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    Quote Originally Posted by noenoeil
    Alfr3dd, get Quicktime and encode your video with the older Cinepak format, if it is still available. Image quality is pretty low but it's a feather on the CPU.

    thanks nice suggestion i ll try

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    Disable thumbnails (don't really need them). Use 320x180 resolution QT files (small and CPU friendly). Works great here.

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    Re: Scoring With Cubase

    Video really slows down Cubase.

    So what I do now, I recycled an old athlon 2200+ XP and use it as a slave video computer (with another LCD screen ) .

    The composing computer is linked to the video computer with a simple midi cable. I use Nuendo on the video computer to read the MTC midi timecode coming from the Cubase on the first PC.( it's a simple option to activate in Cubase SX, it's necessary to synchronize the 2 computers)

    Pretty simple and works great. This way you can have 100 % of CPU resources dedicated to the audio , and you can work with high resolution movie which's great. ( and also HDTV resolution if your video computer is powerful enough )

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