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Topic: Solid State Discs For Samplers

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    Cool Solid State Discs For Samplers

    Wouldn't it be nice to have Tascam build us a hardware sampler w/ an in house made, reduced instruction set O.S. and software editor, that ran off of Solid State Discs, that could be hot swapped w/ instruments stored on them ?

    Yeah, buy a 64GB Instrument that comes on one, and stick in your 1 out of 16 playable 3.5" HDD bays.

    Remember when Nemesys wanted to sell us a pre made hardware 4U DAW? That was a beautiful vision then as I was jamming floppies in between songs into my EMU Emulator IV's, DPX's, and S770's !!!

    I Have A Dream................Dr. Martin Luther King.....Selma, Alabama 1964.

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    Re: Solid State Discs For Samplers

    Solid state discs will certainly give a nice boost to disk based sampling allowing higher polyphony and requiring less preload in RAM due to the faster seek times.

    Perhaps on optimized operating systems you could even play the samples without any RAM preload at all (it would require modification of current samplers but it is quite easy from a programming point of view).
    But it has to be seen in practice.
    Windows has the worst behaviour in terms of real time performance but Linux and OS X give you more stable performance.

    LinuxSampler the disk-streaming capable free multi platform open source sampler

    Now for Windows and OS X too:

    For questions and support visit the LinuxSampler User Forum:

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    Re: Solid State Discs For Samplers

    RAM preload wouldn't even be necessary.

    Think of each SSD as an instrument, the way we did it in the '80's w/ Emulators, and Oberheim DPX players, and those miniscule FDD's. When I used S770's in the '90's I had those shoebox sized 1GB HDD's like the Pro Tools studio's used then.But the 770's had the RGB connectors for use w/ small TV monitors, which made our rigs look quite scientific for the times. I had 2 10" rackmounted Trinitron monitors, since there were no such thing as dual head back then.

    Just a quick load, or hot swap.

    I think 64 Gigs is plenty for a library.

    It was a nice dream I had anyway.

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