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Topic: Using JABB with an EWI4000 & a MacBook

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    Using JABB with an EWI4000 & a MacBook

    I'm considering buying JABB to use with my EWI4000s Wind Controller and my MacBook however I have a couple of questions.

    1. Will I be able to use JABB with my EWI right out of the box?

    2. Or, will I have to do some programming/tweaking like mapping CC2 to volume or more?

    I ask because I've had some problems trying to make another soft synth/software sound module respond to the wind controller properly.

    As you can probably tell by my use, or misuse, of terminology I'm new to Wind Controllers and software synths etc.

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    Re: Using JABB with an EWI4000 & a MacBook


    There will almost undoubtedly be some virtual wires that you will have to route correctly, ie, some remapping of control messages from the EWI to your sequencer (or other VSTi host) and from your sequencer to the JABB Kontakt player. It should not be too daunting, but it might take a moment to do the initial set-up. Once you're past that initial set-up, then it should be pretty smooth sailing.

    For instance, you will have to route CC2 to mod wheel or vice versa, since JABB has the expression set to the mod wheel and not CC2/breath. So they probably will not work together right out of the box, but it should not take too long to set the connections so that they do work together.

    Will you be using this for live performances or just for recording/composing?
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Using JABB with an EWI4000 & a MacBook

    Thanks for the prompt response. I'm strictly a hobbiest. I played a lot when I was younger (trombone) but now as the name suggests I just do it for fun. I'm trying to use the EWI and sound module to play live around the house, sometimes by myself, sometimes along with some Garageband backing stuff that I have found and sometimes with a classical guitarist. I'm also planning to explore recording the guitarist and myself using garageband.

    I actually had a bit of success working with Miroslav Philharmonik last night. I mapped CC2 to volume then adjusted the velocity curve and amp settings until it seemed that I was getting better response from the EWI. I think I'll try this a bit more today and maybe adjust the breath sensor on the EWI a bit as well.

    I'm really grasping here because I have no idea what I'm doing.

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