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Topic: ReBop / a short jazz bit

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    ReBop / a short jazz bit


    A short boppish thingy featuring Arturia 'Lips' Brass on trumpet, B.B. 'Fable Sounds' Booker on tenor, the 'Lounge Lizard' on keys, Wes T. Gates on flute, E.L. Synful on bass and Big Fish 'The Fish' Audio on drums.
    (No loops or prerecorded phrases here, except for the drums and the little flute flourishes at the end.)

    Enjoy and thanks for listening!


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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    That's bloody brilliant! Fantastic work. Love it!


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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    Really Nice!

    One question, though... The BBB library is wonderful why did you choose not to use their trumpet sample?

    Just curious. I can't afford it myself, but I sur love to listen to the demos.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit




    Thanks too! The reason why I didn't go with the BBB-trumpet is, that it doesn't quite have the right sound for this type of post-bop jazz. The BBB-trumpet is more of a swing type instrument. More Eldridge than Hubbard. The Arturia simulation has many flaws of its own - an unmistakeble synthy gloss being the most obvious - but at least it's got that smooth, restrained 'flügel'-esque timbre which I found quite appropriate for this piece. Also, it allows for those freestyle bends and ripps which work rather well in this type of music.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    I enjoyed this immensely!


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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    Which Drum library is this?
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    Great piece ....

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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit


    Paul, those drums were compiled with loops from Big Fish Audio's NuJazzCity (a collection of AppleLoops/WAV/REX).


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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit

    Nice stuff.

    More like the sound I remember from Lee Morgan's Live At The Lighthouse.

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    Re: ReBop / a short jazz bit


    Link is down: 404

    I listened and commented to the track, but didn't save it and now I want to save it.

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