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Topic: KP2 VST and MAC

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    KP2 VST and MAC

    I never used any VST on my Mac, this was all on my PC.
    Now I would like to set up my KP2 GPO as VST on OSX
    (Look at all the acronyms... :-).

    Is there any kind of "How To" to setup VST under OSX?


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    Re: KP2 VST and MAC


    It should be simple. Just insert the CD, double click, and allow the installer to do its work. There is a little bit of a walkthrough on the wiki for upgrading from KP1 to KP2 (not sure which version you have). You can find that here.


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    Re: KP2 VST and MAC

    It all depends what application you are using. Some accept vst's, some accept AU

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