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Topic: Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

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    Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

    So I am looking mainly for something along the lines of the beautiful and blissful pads that I hear in Atmosphere. Not so much for the dark and evil pads. Would anyone recommend Distorted Reality, and which version, 1 or 2? I noticed that there are two packages as well, the selected library and the complete library, what are the differences between the two? More content I suppose, but can anyone offer more details?

    Also- will these libraries work with Logics EXS-24 well? How about my MPC-2000? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

    There's not a lot of "Pads" in DR.

    There are many beautiful Ambiences though...especially in DR2.

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    Re: Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

    Thanks for the reply Eric. I guess that I don't really differentiate between "pads" and "ambiences." But I suppose that is what I meant, maybe I am actually looking more for ambiences than pads. Any further elaboration on the difference between the two would be well appreciated. I am almost ready to pull the trigger on DR2, I have no doubt that it is a great library, I'm just not completely convinced that it is what I am looking for.

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    Re: Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

    An Ambience is a complex sound that evolves and often has an inherent tonality, so it is not as "playable" as a traditional "pad".

    Actually, some of the most beautiful Ambiences of all are in the Bizarre Guitar library. There are really amazing and fit organically into many types of tracks.

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    Re: Some questions about "Distorted Reality" sample library.

    Distorted Reality I & II are exceptional segues.

    These were out when there were stages full of hardware samplers still. For guys who didn't have Modular Analog Synths, or access to reversed sounds, etc. These were really cool.

    I was watching a show at Harrah's Lake Tahoe years back, and was pleasantly surprised to hear it at the opening curtain.

    They were nice one shotters also, making it very easy to convert to Giga.

    Great stuff though.

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