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Topic: Ist post

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    Ist post

    Hi all. Thought I'd say that before I ask my first question!
    I keep getting an error msg. "this patch was generated by a newer version of kontact please upgrade your copy to load the patch" when I try to load sounds into GPO. Also in Finale (2007) I can not play files via GPO - only thru Kontact 2 which doesn't seem to do pizz etc. Any ideas?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Ist post

    To get that message you must be trying to load the GPO patches into the older Kontakt Player 1. I'm not sure I understand exactly your situation. Have you updated to Kontakt Player 2? Although, if I understand correctly you are loading the upgraded patches into the old player.... Or perhaps you haven't put the new dll file into the VST folder of Finale. I'm sure someone with more knowledge of Finale2007 will be able to help more.
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    Re: Ist post

    Thanks for the reply. I have Kntact 2 installed plus GPO KP2. When I start a new file in Finale I can select the full GPO instruments for the list but none are loaded for playback (if that makes sense)


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    Re: Ist post

    Hi, Boxerbix

    It sounds like you're not using KP2 for playing GPO, even though you've upgraded to it:

    "...I can not play files via GPO - only thru Kontact 2..."

    The only way GPO instruments can be played is through Kontact. GPO is a collection of samples and they have to be played through a sample player, and that's what KP2 is.

    And I believe you're saying that you're avoiding using KP2 because you think somehow that you can't use "pizz etc" as you said--and that's not the case. You have probably lost track of where the keyswitch notes are, but I assure you all the articulations are available.

    So, maybe I'm wrong, but my impression is that you're not opening KP2 and Then loading the instruments you want for a project.

    Randy B.

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