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Topic: What use is Garritan Studio now?

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    What use is Garritan Studio now?

    When I bought GPO in 2004 the printed Guide was heavily biased to using Garritan Studio as a stand alone application. I didn't use it that way as my MIDI keyboard at the time had no modulation wheel. I used it instead as a set of virtual MIDI output devices driven by Finale.

    Nowadays on my Intel Mac, I use GPO as a library played on Kontakt Player 2 with both Finale 2008 and Sibelius 5. I still have Studio which has recently been updated to 2.0. It is still a PowerPC application and it still uses the obsolete Kontakt Player 1. I have to instal a different set of instruments to use it at all. Is it likely to be of any further use or has its day passed?

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    Re: What use is Garritan Studio now?

    It was a long time ago it was updated to 2.0. After JABB was introduced I believe. I still use it a lot for several reasons:

    • If I have older pieces made in Studio.
    • Using Kontakt 2 within Finale takes a lots of reloadings. With a big orchestra it is timeconsuming. Sometimes Finale will reload it without reason, but most important if you change piece or movement to work in it will reload even if the instrument set-up is the same. In Studio you only open the template for a certain piece or orchestra and then you can forget it.
    You can do the same with KP2 as a standalone, but.....
    • In Studio you can "record to file"

    If KP2 (stand alone) had the record to file function it would be my first choice, but I would still use Studio for my older files. Missing the ability to use Strad. & Gofr. in Studio and to have independant settings for CC#64.

    When the ARIA player is ready to use there will probably be new choices to make.


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    Re: What use is Garritan Studio now?

    Another use for Garritan Studio:

    It hosts the VST plugin of GPO more efficiently than Finale hosts the AU plugin of GPO natively. I have found that it uses less CPU than hosting AUs.

    Also - something that those users who have had very low-end hardware have found to be a god-send, is that Garritan Studio can change the resolution of the sample rates used. THAT helped me tremendously when using it with Finale. Since GPO is loaded into RAM, if I were to lower the sample rate to half the default resolution, I could load twice as many samples into my available RAM. For a long time all I had was 512 MB of RAM, and I was able to get to hear almost a full orchestra with that RAM when playing in Finale and Garritan Studio. It was great. Other tweaking steps also helped, and I had to learn them all to allow GPO to play on my hardware. (I started with a 667 mhz G4 Titanium powerbook with 512 mb of RAM).

    If you don't find that you are suffering from hardware problems, (and from seeing you have an intel based mac, you shouldn't, then Garritan Studio might be obsolete. I still use it on occasion.

    I am looking forward to the new ARIA engine, as that has been designed in cooperation with Plogue technologies, who also designed Garritan Studio. AIRA, I have been told, will also allow for changing the Sample rate resolution. That is a really nice prospect. Not that you would want to use lowered sample rate for the finished audio file, but merely for being able to hear the whole orchestra play without stutters, stops and cpu overloads while in the process of composing.

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    Re: What use is Garritan Studio now?

    GPO Studio is the only way I can use GPO with Noteworthy Composer notation software. I don't consider it obsolete at all. I consider it invaluable.
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    Re: What use is Garritan Studio now?

    Well, I still have uses for it. I don't often use Sibelius as a playback device, but when I do, Studio is the only sound module I use. I don't have the Sibelius-GPO package, don't want it. Also, on the Sibelius site, when listening to Scorch files, whenever I am able, I use Studio as playback device. I can then also record what I am listening to. Studio is far from obsolete.


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    Re: What use is Garritan Studio now?

    Thank you all for these replies. Clearly Garritan Studio has plenty of mileage left in it yet. As it happens, however, none of the suggested uses apply very much in my case.

    I certainly take the point about Finale's unnecessary loading of instruments; it can be infuriating. My interest doesn't stretch much beyond the baroque so I don't have large ensembles but it must be dreadful if you're working with a full modern orchestra. I remember the days in the early 90s when Finale Allegro used to re-write the whole window in order to show an edit. I had an SE30 then and I can still see the music spreading in a stately fashion down my A4 picture display.

    I am puzzled that someone should "not want" GPO Sibelius. I thought it was great with Sibelius 4 and also Sibelius 5 when you finally get it working (they could have been more helpful with that). Of course, cost is always a major factor with anything to do with Sibelius. Why should you have to pay £80 or so to connect together two pieces of software you already own?

    By the way, when I said Studio had recently been updated I meant my copy of it.

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