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Topic: The missing Viola...

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    Lightbulb String Quartet: The missing Viola...

    ...for the Garritan trio:

    Gofriller Cello and the 2 violins in Stradivari solo violin 2.0 need a Viola to make the Quartet complete.

    Actually the best I found is the Solo Viola from Solo Strings of KHSO Emerald.

    Sound and recording (ambience) are perfectly mixing in the group.

    A short sample:
    Les Anges, String Quartet

    Comments and suggestions or other findings are welcome.
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    Question Re: The missing Viola...

    The point I'm more intersted in is if somebody else has Stradi and Gofriller, and found a good viola to complete the quartet.

    Else, I recommend Kirk Hunter solo strings for the affinity they have with Garritan Solos strings.

    Of course i recommend the Solo Violin and The cello, being G.Tommasini and S.Lucato technology actually the best, in my humble opinion.

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    Re: The missing Viola...

    You may consider the Xsample viola. It sounds pretty good. As far as I know it is recorded dry, so it should blend well with the Stradivari and Gofriller. And it seems to be an all-in-one instrument like the Strad/Gofriller.

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    Smile Re: The missing Viola...

    Thanks, Nickie. I will check.

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    Re: The missing Viola...

    Hello Fabio,
    did you have already the time to check the Xsample Viola?
    By the way, all Xsample Solo Strings (and the whole library) are recorded dry.
    Demos can be heard here:


    Hans Josef

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    Thumbs up Re: The missing Viola...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans-Josef
    Hello Fabio,
    did you have already the time to check the Xsample Viola?
    Hi Hans J.

    Yes i did. My congratulations for the impressingly nice demos.

    The instrument sounds very attractive, and is now in my "nice to have" list.

    The price is quite fair, and I love DLD option for buying.

    Unfortunately my budget is over for a while...

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    Re: The missing Viola...

    I always thought X-samples would be the best match for the Gofriller. And it respond well to script like legato because there not a lot of ambiance, just enough...

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    Re: The missing Viola...

    thanks for your comments.
    Sorry, I can't say something about how the Gofriller sounds
    with the Xsample Viola, but I can say, that the Xsample Viola
    sounds very well with the Xsample Violin, the Xsample Violoncello
    and if you want a string quintet the Xsample double bass.
    Hans Josef

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