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Topic: Brass like Bond

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    Brass like Bond

    Hi, guys!

    I'm looking to get a new brass library to capture some of those brash, OTT, sexy, plunger-mute moments that John Barry was forever using in his Bond scores. Any suggestions?

    I'm specifically looking for sections with as many mute articulations as possible, extensively velocity-switched, and - the Holy Grail - unison bass trombones. I know Kirk Hunter's Orchestral Brass library had these, but you can't seem to buy that now.

    It seems to be an elusive sound - it's not orchestral or pop, and I guess it's not really big band either. Think of the opening bars of Goldfinger and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    You might see what you can do with WIVI. I don't think there's a bass bone yet, but Arne has mentioned he might be working on one (best to check with him though).


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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Another vote for WIVI here. Very expressive mute work.

    Although there isn't a bass trombone available at the moment it is possible to manipulate the existing instruments changing the formant and range. There may even be demos of this on the website.

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Well that was done on Quantum Leap Brass by Nick Phoenix.

    It was a great library and is still being used by many.

    It actually has a James Bond demo also. It was perfect !!

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    I haven't found anything that does the trumpet sound you are talking about effectively, but Project Sam brass has some AMAZING, blatty bass trombones. on their section trombone CD. (It is a solo bass trombone, but for some reason it isn't on the solo instrument CD.) They also have some nice trumpet effects on the trumpet section CD, although i don't think it is quite what you are looking for. To be honest though, it is a pretty incredible library for the price all around.

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Just checked out the WIVI stuff, and am seriously impressed. I'm ashamed to say I'd never actually heard of it before now. I'll download the trial version and see how I get on.

    I've heard nothing but good things about both Quantum Leap Brass and Project SAM too, but with the former I've been frustrated by not being able to find a full patch listing anywhere. This is true of a great many libraries - maybe I'm just picky, but I do find it helpful to know exactly what's going to arrive in the box. I've bought products before because they offer a certain type of sound, only to find that it's limited to a single patch with no extra articulation options. However, would I be right in saying that QLB is now included (if not completely) in Colossus?

    The James Bond demo sounds intriguing too, but I've only been able to find one demo for the whole library.

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Hello guys.

    My humble opinion is that, no matter what type of sound you are trying to achieve, the writing is very important. Either it is "Hollywood" type stuff or Bond's brass.

    "JABB" can give you nice brass sounds to work with at a very good price, "WIVI" is very nice to use and very expressive, "BBB" give you very nice real legatos to improve the lines, "Screaming Trumpet" can add a lot of power to your high trumpet lines...Chris Hein library is very god too. Special Edition has legatos for muted trumpets and trombones... Just choose what fits better your budget and personal taste and work with that as much as you can until you get the best of it.

    I recently did a kind of "Bond" track, here is the link:

    "Little Tribute to John Barry"



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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by JacquesMathias

    I recently did a kind of "Bond" track, here is the link:

    "Little Tribute to John Barry"


    Very slick!

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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Wow Jacques, if I might ask, what libs did you use on that piece?

    It's all sampled?

    Very Very excellent!


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    Re: Brass like Bond

    Fablesounds BBB is the best ...

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