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Topic: Sustain pedal -- brand recommendation?

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    Sustain pedal -- brand recommendation?


    I just bought GPO in the Holiday Go-Round. I'm excited and ready to go!

    Now I need to buy a sustain pedal and I know nothing about them. Based on everyone's experience out there, can you recommend a good sustain pedal. I see brands by M-Audio, Yamaha, Roland, and others, ranging from $20-$40. Your input will be appreciated.

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    Re: Sustain pedal -- brand recommendation?

    I've got a Yamaha and a Kurzweil, and they are both fine. I'd imagine that the Roland is solid as well.

    You don't need to match your controller (unlike an expression pedal). Just plug it in and leave it in the "up" position when you turn your keyboard on.

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    Re: Sustain pedal -- brand recommendation?

    Congratulations on your purchase, spallen!

    As JonFairhurst indicated, sustain pedals are really all created equal. There's no reason to spend more than what you quoted. I have a Roland generic sustain pedal that I paid $20 for years ago and it's perfectly fine. It's such a simple thing really--a little foot pedal that sends out cc#64 either Off (undepressed) or On (depressed)--Nothing complicated is being asked of it, so Any pedal you get will work just fine.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sustain pedal -- brand recommendation?

    Thanks for your replies. I was concerned that some pedals might not hold up over time (I read that some had problems with the M-Audio pedal). I'll pick up the Yamaha or Roland.

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