Dear All,
I'm sure I've written to all of you at different times and with varying levels of specificity concerning my desire to get more solid clock sync between my Giga and DAW computers. Originally, I had ADAT Sync going in both directions between my Giga computer and my MOTU 2408 equipped DAW. While this does work, I do get a very slight and random amount of digital static resulting from imperfect clock sync. This is not acceptable when you make records for a living. The solutions I've attempted without success are detailed below. I bought some Word Clock cables and an SPDIF cable and connected them in several configurations but none of the configurations I've tried gives me any sync at all between my GSIF Giga compatible soundcard and my
DAW. Here are the configurations I've tried:
A. Connect Word Clock out of Digital Timepiece and into 2408 Mark 3. B. Connect Word Clock out of 2408 Mark 3 and into 2408. C. Connect Word Clock out of 2408 and back into Digital Timepiece. D. Connect SPDIF cable out of Digital Timepiece SPDIF out and into Giga computer's SPDIF IN. E. Audio goes out of Giga computer's lightpipe out and into corresponding lightpipe in port on 2408 bank B Optical. No joy
Configuration 2
Same as configuration one except that there is no WC going out of the second 2408 and back to the DTP Word Clock IN.

Configuration 3.
Word Clock goes out of 2408 Mark 3 and into 2408 and out of 2408 back to 2408 Mark 3. SPDIF connected from Bank C SPDIF OUT to Coax optical IN on giga computer. Still no joy. The other interesting thing is that the Digital Timepiece doesn't show up as a clock source in the MOTU PCI424 Audio Console. I used to have a PCI 324 card which had a Mac BNC cable receptacle on it. The PCI424 has a 9 pin ADAT sync but no circular BNC anymore. I used to use such a cable along with RS422, not 432 but 422 cables that connected my digital timepiece to my Tascam DA88s in the days when I controlled them with Sonar using MMC. This also required MIDI in both directions. I'm not dealing with any of that right now. Could this have anything to do with why the DTP doesn't show up in the Audio Console's clock source options? I've also tried changing the clock source from Internal on the DTP to any number of things like Word Clock or Word Clock/Internal. No joy. I've also tried changing the clock source in the PCI424 Console to Word Clock IN and Video and other stuff. No joy. It's important to note that the DTP does not have any software console for Windows. The unit is some ten years old, has no drivers that I can remember and has documentation that predates the widespread use of GSIF cards. The machine was designed with the video post production house in mind. It should work but..

In any event, why can't I get clock sync with coax using the SPDIF cables I have with or without the DTP?

Thanks for any help,

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