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Topic: how to convert from GPO to Stradivari?

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    how to convert from GPO to Stradivari?

    Hi all,

    I would like to convert some of my GPO-Tracks to use in Stradivari or Gofriller. I use Cubase 4.1.

    First of all, I habe to convert MW from GPO zu Expression in Strad. That is no problem using the logical editor in Cubase. Next, I want to transfer the value of the MW-Data to the Attack of every note. For example, if the MW-Data is 10, then all the next notes in the track shall get this value for attack.

    But I dont know how to do this with the logical editor or in any other way.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: how to convert from GPO to Stradivari?

    Hallo to all,

    as I got no answer until now, let me tell the Question in another way:

    What ist the best possibility to convert midifiles used in GPO for use in Strad oder Gofr. in the future.

    I have written some compositions for String ensemble, played by GPO. Since I now have also Stardivari and Gofriller, I want to add some tracks played by this new programs. I think, this will take the sound of the song on a higher level.

    Does anyone know a little program that converts the midifiles like I described in my posting before?

    I wish a nice chrismas to everyone here in the forum.

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    Re: how to convert from GPO to Stradivari?

    You can try converting the CC1 messages to CC11 to control the sustain volume. Velocity which controls attack can be tricky. You will probably need to do some editing to the values. You will need to add CC1 for vibrato control and moving the GPO CC1 values to CC11. You will also need to add aftertouch values to vary the speed of the vibrato. There is no easy way to do this. Sometimes it's just faster to play the parts back in depending on which is more work.


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    Re: how to convert from GPO to Stradivari?

    Hi Jim,

    thanks for your answer. In theory I know, what to change. but if you have many tracks written for GPO, it may take a long time to convert them.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea for the creators of GPO and Stadivari/Gofriller to write al little Prgramm, that helps to convert. It should do the following:

    Convert CC1 to CC11 (works in Cubase with Logical Editor)
    Convert CC1 (the nearest value in front of the note) to the attack of the next midinote (does not work in LE)
    And may be converting Aftertouch to CC1 (if aftertouch controlls the Vibrato amount) in some instruments
    And finally: Convert (some by checking it) miditracks one octave, because Cello (GPO) and Gofriller are not in the same octave.

    I know, that this will not lead to a perfect result. Some other changes are necessary by hand. But it will make it easier to convert (many) midifiles.

    Sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language.

    All the best

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