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Topic: Would this be helpful ...

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    Would this be helpful ...

    I've just listened to the latest Christmas offerings and wow they sound so good. Mine just don't come close to those (ok I've got one or two) but they are so real sounding. Is there any way that the original files could be shared either midi or hopefully if any are in FL7 format so that I (anyone) can understand what treatment is needed to make the difference between a computerised sound and a truly polished performance like those. Actually, it doesn't have to be confined to just those - if anyone wants to share a couple of secrets or two, please feel free; the favour will be reciprocated

    Here's hoping, oh, and by the way, have a great Christmas / Holiday everyone.

    Best regards Mike.

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    Re: Would this be helpful ...

    For the best results, you need to spend a lot of time doing some very specific editing to all the MIDI parameters available to you with these instruments. They provide a lot of control over the "musicality" of the "performance" - crescendo, decrescendo, vibrato, phrasing, intonation, etc. Once you have that part of the equation nailed down, then there is the matter of creating the final "mix" where the volumes of all the instruments are balanced (to taste) and reverb, EQ, and/or compression is applied (to taste).

    Many folks just enter the notes into Finale or Sibelius and leave it at that, and that's where so much of the "computer" sound originates.
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    Re: Would this be helpful ...

    Check out the threads I've started and have a listen to my tunes. If you think they're good enough to learn from, I'll send you the sources. (There aren't many FL Studio users here, if you haven't noticed )

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    Re: Would this be helpful ...

    Thanks for the replies. Chris - I'll check out your pieces thanks.

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