I've just made an original sample piece from Ruby's solo strings and Overture4. It's a string quartet and almost score-based with only a few manual velocity edits.

I'm writing an Overture4's setup document for whole of the Kirk Hunter Ruby, and maybe it will work well not-too-distant future.
The trial documents for Overture4 and KH Ruby are, http://www.box.net/shared/tpe8et2ggm
Please unzip and install them into your "Overture4.0/VSTDevices" folder if you are an Overture4 PC user and interested in testing them. Indeed, I need somebody who is willing to use these documents and to advise me about how is the usability and what to be improved. If you are willing to back me up about completing the documents, please contact me, or respond to this thread.

As of now, only solo strings are supported, and to use IntervaLive, you need a specific procedure.