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Topic: GPO Version 3.0?

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    GPO Version 3.0?

    Is there a GPO version 3.0? Where do I check to see which GPO version I have? When I click on the GPO Library info button of the 2.2.3 Kontakt Player, the only version that I can see is that of the library which is 1.0.

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    Re: GPO Version 3.0?

    AFAIK, the library itself is the same that has been released some years ago. What have changed is the kontakt player engine, and some tweakments to the programming of the samples, but the samples are the same as always.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO Version 3.0?

    For some reason, the Lib version is not working in KP2. If you have the latest KP2.2.3 download, you have the latest version. If I recall the date on the NI download site is Aug 23, 2007. Essentially GPO 3.0 is the version with KP2. There were 2 versions realeased under the old KP1.

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