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Topic: GPO full Finale 2008 playing trills

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    GPO full Finale 2008 playing trills

    I'd like to know how it is posible to make play trills with Finale and GPO full version. I tried with articulation tool and with smart shape toll to make play an oboe a trill. No way to obtain any effect.
    I use win xp and motu traveler as soundcard.
    Thanks for your attention

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    Re: GPO full Finale 2008 playing trills

    Which version of Finale are you using?

    Generally, all you need to do is place an articulation (articulation tool) and HumanPlayback will play it properly.

    How are you making Finale play your file?
    Are you using Space+click to playback?
    Are you using the playback control?

    With the playback control, HP{ will playback all articulations, dynamics and phrasings.

    If you use Spacebar+click to play, Finale will NOT playback articulations.

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