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Topic: PACE showed up on my Computer!!

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    PACE showed up on my Computer!!

    I just noticed two new folders dated 12/15 in my Documents and Settings folder. One under "All Users", and one under "My Name."

    They are both titled "PACE Anti-Piracy" and have several sub folders.

    Now, the only things I have installed in the past three days are: UAD 4.9 and Synful 2.4. I am pretty certain that the UAD card does not incorporate PACE, and previous versions of Synful did not either. But, I suspect the new version of Synful as the culprit here. Can anyone confirm that?

    I always make System images before new software, so I can easily roll back and get rid of this, but I thought I would give a heads up.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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    Re: PACE showed up on my Computer!!

    Upon further investigation I found this on the Synful Website, and Kudos to Synful for being up front with this information:

    >>>CURRENT CUSTOMERS NEED TO REAUTHORIZE: If you are an existing customer and have just downloaded version 2.3.3 or higher for Windows but have been running version 2.3.1 or lower up till now then YOU NEED TO REAUTHORIZE by following the instructions below. This is because beginning with version 2.3.3 on Windows we have changed to PACE Intelok technology for copy protection and authorization. We apologize for this inconvenience.<<<

    So, I guess the question now is..... should I worry about this? PACE has had a rather dubious history, and I have successfully avoided it up until now. But, I really quite like Synful, and I think that the technology has a bright future. Is it worth the risk of having PACE on my computer? As long as I have no problems, then the answer is Yes it is worth the risk, but at the first sign of trouble I will be rather pissed off.



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    Re: PACE showed up on my Computer!!

    I personally wouldn't worry about it...yet.

    I am sure PACE has refined their "virtual/soft dongle" technology over the years.

    However, you might consider contacting Synful to see if they ever have plans to implement PACE iLok technology.

    Both PACE and Syncrosoft offer two types of protection -- real USB dongles and "soft dongles". I personally don't like the soft dongles since they are tied to a specific computer and are probably more invasive than physical dongles.

    At least on the Syncrosoft side, the soft dongle and real dongle technology are similar, and vendors can choose to have their products protected with either or both technolgies at the same time. If the same is true on the iLok side, then perhaps Synful can offer customers their choice of soft or hard dongles.

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    Re: PACE showed up on my Computer!!

    These folders may show up are they are empty. I'm assuming this is created with plugins that have the all in one installers. Some VSTs that are also RTAS may require Pace ILok to work with Pro Tools.
    I think Izotope RTAS plugins need to be "Paced" while VSTs do not.

    It may be some sort of license agreement for a product to be used in Pro Tools.

    I have no Pace products but I do have some empty folders with the name Pace Anti Piracy.

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    Re: PACE showed up on my Computer!!

    >>>These folders may show up are they are empty. I'm assuming this is created with plugins that have the all in one installers. Some VSTs that are also RTAS may require Pace ILok to work with Pro Tools.<<<

    No, These folders are not empty, and I am pretty sure that they were created by Synful 2.4. They actually own up to it on their website, which I think is pretty commendable.

    I actually don't expect any problems as long as I don't make any changes to my system. I believe that the original nightmares with PACE erupted during certain Service Pack type updates, and there are some real horror stories out there documented by well seasoned users. Sorry, but I don't have any links. It was a few years ago.

    I would really like to hear from someone who knows the "current" inner workings of PACE to set our minds at ease. Or to convince me to run away from it. I like Synful and I have been using the previous versions for a couple of years now, but I don't rely on it so much that I would put my Computer at risk for it.



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