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Topic: Santa Came a Bit Early...

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    Greetings fellow forum-ites,

    I've been on the road for work and then on a week long Mexico / Grand Cayman cruise and got home on Sunday. During this time some nifty packages arrived and that I thought I would share with you all.

    First of all, let me say Happy Birthday!! to anyone that I missed while I was gone. I always try to send best wishes in each thread, but mundane things like frantic 4th quarter sales to close.

    What showed up on my doorstep:

    1) Contour Shuttle Express. This is hands down the best input type device I've purchased in years. I've had it for three days and have already fallen in love. Programmable buttons, jog wheel and inner wheel take tasks like zooming, opening window sets, scrolling windows and scrubbing a breeze. I can zoom with my left hand and edit MIDI data with my right hand on my mouse. *Very* fast!

    2) Dave Moultons Golden Ears. I am not a trained audio engineer. I've just bought equipment and muddled through. The Golden Ears program teaches you how to *listen*. Frequency recognition, how effects change audio, etc. I've only spent 2 hours with it, however I can see the impact will be significant.

    3) I was able to catch up with Gary's Go Round and order a copy of Grofiller Cello. Thanks Gary!

    4) iShowU and Stomp Video Screen Capture and Compression Programs. If you are looking for a great screen caputure program and an even better video compressor iShowU and Stomp are a great package for $42. They are Mac only, sorry PC users. Stomp does a better job on compressing video than any other (and much more expensive) programs I have used. Great stuff! I figured they were worth mentioning given the talk about videos of synched scores and music...

    Hopefully some of these products will be a help to someone out there. Does anyone else have anything they picked up recently that has improved their DAW or music skills?

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: Santa Came a Bit Early...

    Cool stuff Keven! And Cool Cruise!

    What is this Contour Shuttle Express, is it something that replaces the mouse?

    edit: Oh nevermind, i just googled and it came up, looks great. I think i will go into a store and try one out if they will let me. I have had a great large cueball size trackball that i love but have finally wore out, best ever invented but the crazy people at Logitek quit making this one.

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