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Topic: Buying GVI for a laptop

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    Buying GVI for a laptop

    Hi guys I have recently been interested in buying GVI to use in Vista on a laptop. However even after reading up on the subject I am having problems with a few 'newbie' questions.

    Would GVI come with a standalone sampler player? The main purpose would be to use the laptop in live situations and only playing up to two instruments simultaeneously on a midi keyboard. I hear it is a plug in and I am not sure if just having GVI on its own with no other software will allow me to do what I want to do above.

    Also my other thoughts were what hardware I would need for this laptop. The basic spec of it is ok but the hard drive is (I think) 5400rpm and the soundcard is some sort of 16 bit on board standard trash. I know from researching Gigastudio (which I was going to buy but discovered wont work on Vista) that I would have needed a 7200 rpm Hard drive and a GSIF compatible soundcard. I am not sure what would be required for GVI, especially with my lower requirements due to only 2 instruments being used at once.

    The laptops basic specs are:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2310
    (1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB Cache)
    Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
    2 GB Memory Size
    120 GB Hard Drive

    Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated by this novice.

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    Re: Buying GVI for a laptop

    GVI will work standalone. However, GigaStudio 4, due out in a month, will work in Vista.

    You will need at a minimum a second sample drive for either solution that is sufficiently fast to stream the samples in real-time. Streaming samples from your OS/apps drive is not viable.

    Giga comes with full blown GigaPulse convolution reverb while GVI only comes with a crappy reverb effect.

    Giga requires that a sound card be GSIF complaint while GVI works with basically any card.

    GigaStudio 4 is the better solution as long as it will work with your hardware (Giga can be picky about hardware). If you go GVI, it will be compatible with more forms of hardware but will not give as good performance as Giga and will not have the the built in convolution reverb that Giga has.

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    Re: Buying GVI for a laptop

    Quote Originally Posted by dalek3
    Giga comes with full blown GigaPulse convolution reverb while GVI only comes with a crappy reverb effect.
    It's only crappy when compared to GigaPulse...

    Also, many instruments come ready-made with embedded GigaPulse information, which GVI will play just fine. You just can't add GigaPulse to instruments, which is something that you can do in GigaStudio...

    You can also buy GigaPulse VST, which is a standalone application. Then, you can call GigaPulse up in Cubase/Sonar/Logic/whatever, and apply it to pretty much anything you want...

    — alanb




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    Thumbs up Re: Buying GVI for a laptop

    Thankyou for your feedback, it is certainly helping a lot. I may be swaying towards GVI at this moment in time as my main use will be in a rehersal and live situations and crystal clear audio is not a major concern due to the quality of the PA and mixer simply won't do it justice. Also the selection of compatible GSIF cards that will work on a laptop certainly limits options.

    And the final reason being budget, I am trying to set this up at an entry level price. (all the Xmas shopping for the family has hammered my bank account!) The retail cost of GVI vs GS4 is certainly going to influence my final choice but GS4 is not going to be written off yet. Thanks for all your advice.

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