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Topic: Songs for the Season

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    Songs for the Season

    Here are a couple of songs composed for my family at Christmas time, years past. The words are my father’s. The libraries used are GPO and GJ&BB.



    Jack Forge
    (written at 13 years of age)
    Long ago on a starlit night,
    The Savior was born under angels' light.
    The Virgin and Joseph were close at his side,
    Knowing that soon He would be their guide.
    The shepherds who tended their flocks that night
    Were amazed at the star that shone so bright.
    Then an angel of God announced to them,
    That the Savior of man was at Bethlehem.
    The wise men and the shepherds came to adore;
    They came to the manger with gifts galore.
    But the most precious gift they could bring
    Was their love to make the Christ Child sing.

    (Song written 2002)

    Jack Forge

    Reaching for a star
    the evergreen grows tall
    and shelters hidden treasures
    great and small.

    Droplets of rainbow
    hang on the feathered ends
    of bowing limbs
    where brightness suspends

    the faces of family
    reflected in the glow
    of charity
    and the kiss of winter snow.

    O Evergreen! O Evergreen!
    Shining in the night--
    how beautiful the sight!

    The flowers of summer
    hold no candles to you
    that turns December gray
    to red and green and blue.

    O Evergreen! O Evergreen!
    Gleaming in the night--
    how beautiful the sight!

    (Song written 1992)

    May you all find health and happiness this holiday season.


    Sean Damon

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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Both of them are very lovely. I enjoyed their simple elegance.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Hello, Sean

    What a wonderful Christmas present to everyone here, to have your two songs up here in The Listening Room.

    Very pretty! Thank you very much - and Happy Holidays to you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Lovely, lucid, elegant work; beautifully done
    in both cases, Sean.

    Might you consider putting together an album
    of these? Certainly fine material, both the
    quality of the songs and of the renderings!

    My best,


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    Re: Songs for the Season

    I enjoyed both of them. Very nice.

    Putting music to your father's words is a wonderful thing for you and your family.


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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Lovely work Sean!!

    I really enjoyed the character you were able to give the flute and oboe.

    Happy holidays to you as well.


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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Thank you all very much. Your kind and encouraging words help to make my holiday that much brighter.


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    Re: Songs for the Season

    Sean Thanks for sharing this with us - still quite impressive considering you wrote it when 13.

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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