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Topic: Troubles with iMidi Mono Rule

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    Question Troubles with iMidi Mono Rule

    I am able to successfully create and use the DEF imidi.

    However, I cannot get the Mono rule working properly.

    I just got Gigaviolin where the Mono component is not working at all within GVI, Giga or the Giga editor.

    So, no portamento on the "gliss" patches and no trills where the second note cuts off the first.

    I created a small file from 24 bit samples of a flugelhorn. I was able to get the Mono rule to "turn off" the first note when a second note was depressed but not able to get the original note to sound when the second note was released. Also, the portamento worked for certain pitches, however, it only would bend up not down and secondly, it would eventually turn the whole patch off, commanding a "reset of the midi controller" to get it back.

    Anyone else have this trouble? I do have the 3.21 Giga patch and as I said I am using the GVI that came with Gigaviolin. It is a 2.8 Ghz machine with 2Gig Ram. An M-Audio audiophile card.

    Any and all help most appreciated. Love the possibility of what Gigaviolin can do so far, just want to access all the features.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Troubles with iMidi Mono Rule

    Hey Scott,

    I have the gigaviolin, but haven't gotten deep into it yet, although I am very familiar with iMIDI mono and its uses.

    can you save an art file from the .gig file in question and send it to me?

    If you own the flugel samples, I could look at that file too.
    Are you loading DEF/PRF settings from an .ini file or using the default portamento settings? If the former, can you send the .ini file?



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